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Providing robust, hassle-free enterprise queue management systems

What is a 'QMS'?

A Queue Management System (QMS), comprises of a number of queuing components, both hardware and software, which allows for the complete management of one or more people 'waiting lines'/queue's. To get an idea, a QMS may provide the following 'management' functions:

- Providing live and historical queue metrics/statistics such as:

- Proactive alerting system

What is a 'eQMS'

An Enterprise QMS system takes a standard Queue Management System, to the next level. A eQMS is a more advanced queue management system, usually consisting of hundreds/thousands of queues and servers. It is also capable of handling virtually any kind of queue configuration and queue hardware, including other hardware such as queue digital signage.

What is QSentinel eQMS?

QSentinel is an 'enterprise'-class, Windows-based Queue Management System (QMS), meaning it can easily scale to large installations.

QSentinel can use a range of queue sensors (IRISys, beams, etc.) and translate that into live queue information.

Once these queue events have been captured, QSentine can drive digital signage (LED boards, etc.) and compare the current state of queues with pre-configured alerts and take the appropriate actions.

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